Frequently Asked Questions

Herbal infused oil featuring Calendula


Q: Is Rooms Apothecary natural skincare Made in the USA?
A: Yes! All of our skincare is hand-crafted & freshly made in the USA.

Q: Is Rooms Apothecary for men or women or?
A: Our skincare line and entire brand is gender-free, designed for all humans. We believe in universal skincare, especially when it's plant-based. 

Q: Is Rooms Apothecary natural skincare cruelty-free?
A: Yes! All of our skincare is cruelty-free & we never conduct animal testing. Ever. We believe animals are for loving, not testing.

Q: Is Rooms Apothecary herbal skincare gluten-Free?
A: Yes. As with most food-grade products, there may be trace amounts of gluten in the facilities that process our extracts. However none of our extracts contain gluten -- and our oat hydrosolate is naturally gluten free.

Q: Is Rooms Apothecary vegan?
A: Yes! All of our skincare products are vegan and so are our luxury altar candles. 

Q: Should I use Rooms Apothecary Palo Santo Hydration Formula as a morning or evening face moisturizer?
A: We suggest both in the morning and evening. If applying makeup or sunblock, wait 3-5 minutes for the formula to fully absorb.

Q: Is there sunblock or SPF in the Rooms Apothecary Palo Santo Hydration Formula?
A: While many of the extracts in our formula offer mild SPF protection, when in direct sun, we recommend applying a light-weight, high SPF on top of Rooms Apothecary Palo Santo Hydration Formula.

Q: Do your formulas contain organic and non-GMO extracts?
A: Yes! We use organic and non-GMO extracts in our natural, fresh-made skincare whenever possible.

Q: Are there any tree nuts in skincare?
A: Yes, we use argan oil in our formulas.

Q: Will your skincare contribute to breakouts?
A: Our formulas are designed to not contribute to acne or breakouts. We use essential oil blends that provide both anti-bacterial and clarifying benefits.

Q: How long will my order remain fresh/what’s the expiration?
A: All of our water based skincare remains fresh and powerful for up to 1 year after opening due to our broad spectrum preservative, which is paraben free and water soluble.

Q: Will your natural skincare help with my Eczema or Psoriasis?
A: While lavender essential oil and mango butter are known to calm the skin and reduce inflammation, our skincare is intended for cosmetic use only and not meant to treat any medical condition.

Q: What is an apothecary?
A: An apothecary was a place throughout early history where you would go to get herbal, plant based treatments.

Q: What are you candles made from?
A: Our luxury altar candles are made from 100% USA-made soy wax. Our waxes are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources.

Q: How do I properly light and care for my wooden wick candle?
A: The first time you light your altar candle, allow the melted wax pool to reach the edge of the container. For our large candles it can take 2+ hours. Wooden wicks light slower than cotton wicks. It is comparable to lighting a fireplace. Hold your lighter (we use a barbecue lighter) close to the wick for 20 or more seconds to fully light the wick. Wooden wicks are generally self-trimming, but if the excess burnt wood is longer than 1/4″, break off the extra burnt wood before you relight it. If you have burned the candle a while and the flame is very low, you may need to remove the extra burnt wood at the top of the wick. 

Q: Does Rooms Apothecary accept any returns?
A: Due to sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns on our skincare. We will however, gladly work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product. 

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