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Explore our non-binary apothecary and find plant-based skincare remedies, luxury candles, and mindfully-made body products.

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Rooms Apothecary believes in human rights and equality for all. With every purchase you make, we donate 15% of our proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Fan Favorites

North Woods Body Butter

Discover our rich, vegan body lotion that helps relieve skin inflammation, irritation, delivers epic moisture due to the incredible healing properties of mango butter.


Wolf Moon Altar Candle

Made from 100% soy wax, our luxury altar candle is 11 oz. of pure magic. Wolf Moon features notes of antique sandalwood, palo santo, cassis, ginger, and amber.


Palo Santo Hydration Formula

Our most-popular unisex moisturizer is a daily face cream that's completely plant-based, organic, vegan, and filled with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients.


Earth Conscious

All our products are cruelty-free, plant-based, and vegan.

What our customers say

This is a really lovely moisturizer. I often use it in the morning AND before bed and my husband always mentions how good I smell. It’s very fresh and versatile, with a light scent that doesn’t overwhelm. Feels very “unisex” and approachable, both in terms of packaging and product. It feels really nourishing and luxurious while also absorbing really clean. Will definitely be ordering more.

Joseph B.

I'd been looking for a new face moisturizer and so happy to have found this. I love how it's really creamy, but gets instantly soaked up by my skin, leaving no heaviness or residue. The scent it also really nice, smooth, and subtle. It's all been great to keep my face feeling refreshed and moisturized, especially in the winter months.

Veronica T.

This intelligently concocted formula is now a morning & night staple ritual. As a lifelong skincare champion & educator, I'm always pleasantly surprised to find a product I love this much. from ingredients to smell to texture to results, it's the moisturizer+ for me. I have even started buying it for my friends, to paint a more complete picture of the confidence I have in Rooms as my go to apothecary. Thank you for this magical potion!

Torrie G.

Love this moisturizer! I've been using it as my morning moisturizer and it works wonderfully under my makeup. It has a really nice creamy texture with a light and refreshing smell that is universal and really brightens my day (and the packaging is so sleek and beautiful too!). So happy I added this to my daily routine.

Brianne H.